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fivethirds was founded on five core values.


We do not believe in unnecessary process. In a slow adapting industry, we seek to challenge conventional thinking, employ innovation and increase the speed of our clients’ decision making.


Our advice is pertinent and made understandable to the reader. We make our clients’ position clear, along with a fully appraised set of options to overcome their challenges.


We believe in providing advice that our clients can rely on. We achieve this through an obsession over detail and a standardised approach to producing deliverables.


We believe in providing advice that is auditable. This means our clients can see and interrogate our methodology, understanding its strengths and vulnerabilities.


We align our business with our delivery partners. We seek to understand their core values and integrate these into our deliverables; in doing so we pursue the long term interests of our clients and our people.

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New company, old faces

Our people have years of experience with some of the industry’s market leaders, including developers, main contractors and consultancies.

Each of our commissions are Director led, ensuring senior management continuity throughout your project. They ensure that our advice reflects our core values prior to being issued to you.

We have a keen understanding of cost and project management first principles and build on these to provide you with a service you can trust.

Let’s succeed together

Your success is truly our success.

Our success is not measured by our yearly financials, it’s measured by our clients’ satisfaction and commitment to our ongoing relationship. Let’s start together, progress together and succeed together.

We would like to take this opportunity to pre-empt some of your questions.
Are your staff members chartered?

Most of them are. Our founder is both a chartered Quantity Surveyor (MRICS) and Construction Manager (MCIOB) and has direct oversight over the integrity of the advice that goes out to you. We encourage and aid any of our people who are not yet chartered toward chartership.

Will the cost you give me at project inception be the same at project close out?

Construction costs have a number of variables that impact their outcome, sometimes you, the client can be the biggest differentiator as to where final costs conclude. Our advice always makes due consideration for these variables in line with our industry experience. Our transparent approach means that you will understand project risks and if costs are due to change you will know well before project close out.

I’m already happy with my supply chain. Why would I use you?

That’s great news! It’s not easy to find suitable delivery partners, but we know there are other good consultancies out there besides us. Extending your supply chain is always a prudent idea. If you ever feel that one or more of our core values are missing from your current consultants’ deliverables, please get in touch, if not, thanks for taking the time to visit us!

We are not sure you are the right size consultancy for us?

Whether you feel we are too small or too big for your requirements, please give us a call for an informal chat. We are transparent; if we think your commission would be better aligned with another delivery partner, we’ll tell you straight away.

I am a Subcontractor that needs advice, can you help?

Absolutely! We have a strong contracting background and we truly understand construction, so we speak your language. Please get in touch

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Efficiency | Clarity |  Predictability

Fivethirds is an independent cost and project management construction consultancy founded on comprehensive industry knowledge and a commitment to deliver professionalism and excellence.


Enhancing results through collaboration and risk management.


Integrating an obsession to detail with big picture thinking.


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